What does it mean “I back the Blue”?

What does it mean to Back the Blue?

I believe that not every officers is a bad cop.  There are some that actions are deplorable.  They project a bad image and should be terminated.  Many union contracts make it difficult to remove a bad officer from the force.  I support reviewing termination procedures and revising them so that those who shouldn’t have a badge lose it.

I support better training.  Officers should be taught better how to interact with their communities.  They should be taught to be culturally responsive.  They also need to be taught basic customer service.  At the same time, they also need to be taught ways to handle the stress and difficulties that come up with the job.

I also would like to see more attention be given to the good ones.  How about the officer that stops by your elderly neighbor to make sure they are ok?  How about the officer that teaches the fatherless boy how to play basketball.  How about the officers in my hometown that read to kids every night in the beginnings of the lockdown.

That is what I mean by Back the Blue!

Alden Russell for State Representative

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