Who is Alden?

Alden is a 15-year resident of the 24th District of New Britain/Newington. He is married to Julie Russell and they have a son together who attends New Britain public schools. Alden is currently serving his first elected term on the Board of Assessment Appeals. He is a former member of the Commission of Persons withContinue reading “Who is Alden?”

Alden wins nomination

Alden wins Republican nomination In May, Alden won the Republican nomination for State Representative from the 24th District. Alden was nominated by delegates from New Britain and Newington. “Alden is an every man. He is typical of the person who lives in the district, so he will make sure that their needs are addressed inContinue reading “Alden wins nomination”

A record of helping others

Alden has a record of helping others. He was a former member of the New Britain Commission on Persons with Disabilities. He regularly attended events and advocated for people with special needs. He’s testified on issues at the State Capitol. He made sure that legislators looked out for those who can’t speak for themselves. HeContinue reading “A record of helping others”

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