Alden fights for:

  • Lower Spending-CT spending is out of control and the taxes are getting beyond our ability to pay.  We need to put a stop to it.
  • Better Education-We continue to see a decline in education due to overcrowding and lack of resources. Many children fall through the cracks and we need to find a solution.
  • Disability services– We need to work on the ability and not the disability by bringing awareness to programs and services. It is important to look at the programs we have and decide where we need to expand.
  • Road repairs-CT roads speak for themselves. We need to do proper repairs and make our roads safer.
  • Substance abuse and rehabilitation services-It`s no secret we have a problem in CT due to substance abuse. It is important to spread awareness, educate, and work with programs to help overcome and prevent addiction.
  • Supporting our veterans-Veterans have given us the freedoms we have today. We need to continue to honor them for all they have given us.
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